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This EIPA Program is your fastest way to earning exceptional money in this industry. Other Real Estate training companies will just give you your license... We teach you how to make money!
What's included in this EPA Program:
  • 8 X Online modules - 48 Lessons (Details Below)
  •  8 X Module workbooks
  • ​ 8 Weeks Support Live (Wed & Fri) group online training
  • ​3 Day Live Face-To-Face Intensive Workshop 
  • ​EPA First appointment guided discovery presentation and script
  • EPA Property investment analysis (PIA) calculator 
  •  Individual One-On-One strategy session
  •  Online resource library 
  • ​Private member Facebook group
  •  Government approved Real Estate salesperson certificate (Optional)
This EPA Elite Investment Property Agent Certification Program is your fast-track to achieving success in the real-estate industry. The course will give you a specialisation in Investment Property and New Projects and put you in high demand and increase your earning capacity. The course is a mixture of theoretical and practical application. 

To succeed and make a great living in this industry, other courses and products will teach you the law and provide a salesperson or agents license, however they won’t teach you what to do with them, or how to make money. We do! 

In fact, we mentor your first sale before you achieve practical certification of this program. You learn while you earn!
STEP 1. - EPA ONLINE COURSE - 8 Core Modules:
The foundational EPA online course consists of 8 Modules – 48 Lessons, covering the A to Z of the property industry and the investment sales process.

Whether you’re an experienced agent or new to the industry, your journey all starts the same way. You gain the foundational knowledge and understanding from the EPA 8 Modules and 48 Lessons online, that covers the A to Z of the property investment industry and the sales process. 

The modules focus on our proprietary EPA 7 ‘Steps to a Sale’ methodology. It’s the proven formula that if used by all the most successful investment property agents today in Australia, without exception. The course provides you the foundational knowledge and understanding you’ll need to succeed in this specialised business. 

After completing the EIPA 8 Modules online, you’ll have the knowledge and understanding about what it takes to successfully invest in property, and what you need to do to help and guide your clients though to achieve the same.
Module 1. Introduction - Introduction and Foundational Knowledge for Success

Lesson 1.1 – Welcome and introduction –
Lesson 1.2 – The industry and opportunity 
Lesson 1.3 – Intro to EPA “7 Sales to a sale"
Lesson 1.4 – Defining YOUR WHY
Lesson 1.5 – Qualities of the elite sales person
Lesson 1.6 – Subconscious goal setting
Module 2. YOU - Positioning YOU as the Expert

Lesson 2.1 – Defining your ideal client niche
Lesson 2.2 – Position YOU as the EXPERT
Lesson 2.3 – Your elevator pitch 
Lesson 2.4 – Building trust and rapport 
Lesson 2.5 – DISC - Personality profiling 
Lesson 2.6 – Additional reading and resources
Module 3. NEED - Establishing Client Need

Lesson 3.1 – Why most investors fail
Lesson 3.2 – Turning a non-buyer into a buyer
Lesson 3.3 – The initial client meeting 
Lesson 3.4 – Identifying client needs 
Lesson 3.5 – Presenting the solution 
Lesson 3.6 – Collecting client information  
Module 4. FINANCE - Integration Finance into the Sales Process

Lesson 4.1 – Why controlling finance is vital 
Lesson 4.2 – Establishing borrowing capacity
Lesson 4.3 – Mortgage deduction strategies
Lesson 4.4 – Cash flow calculations 
Lesson 4.5 – Presenting the solution 
Lesson 4.6 – Dealing with valuations
Module 5. Property Research and Selection

Lesson 5.1 – Identify potential locations nationally
Lesson 5.2 – Hot spot factors 
Lesson 5.3 – Identifying local opportunities 
Lesson 5.4 – Demand drivers and indicators 
Lesson 5.5 – Supply drivers and indicators 
Lesson 5.6 – Validating your selection 
Module 6. Property Listings and Presentation 

Lesson 6.1 – Property type considerations 
Lesson 6.2 – Old vs New 
Lesson 6.3 – Listing builders and developers 
Lesson 6.4 – Presenting property
Lesson 6.5 – The building process
Lesson 6.6 – How and when you get paid
Module 7. Purchasing Process

Lesson 7.1 – The contract purchase process
Lesson 7.2 – Selecting the right solicitor 
Lesson 7.3 – Purchasing entity considerations 
Lesson 7.4 – Self-managed superannuation
Lesson 7.5 – Taxation considerations
Lesson 7.6 – The reasons deals fall over
Module 8. Lead Generation 

Lesson 8.1 – Lead generation purpose and mistakes 
Lesson 8.2 – Business development hierarchy – Existing customers 
Lesson 8.3 – Biz Dev Hierarchy – Referrals 
Lesson 8.4 – Biz Dev Hierarchy – Partnerships Lesson 8.5 – Biz Dev Hierarchy – Advertising 
Lesson 8.6 – Developing your message for your niche and multiple mediums
BONUS Material:

• PIA calculator tutorial 
• Where to from here…
1. This EIPA program runs for 8 weeks. As much of the course is online, you can start immediately at any time from anywhere. Each of the 48 modules takes approximately 15 minutes plus time for activities and applying the learning.

2. Some of our students have complete the whole program within two to three weeks and have achieved their first sale in that time. Others do a module a week and get through it at their own pace over the 8 weeks. Importantly this is not about just getting through the content, it’s about creating a strong foundation of industry knowledge which you can then apply. Completing the 8 Modules online – Foundation knowledge, is a prerequisite to attending the 3 Day Intensive program.

3. To obtain your Government approved Salesperson Certificate consists of completing a course which takes another 3 days. We manage the whole process for and with you.
After completing the 8 Core modules online component, you’ll attend the EPA 3 Day live intensive workshop where you’ll learn how to practically apply this knowledge to start selling and start earning money. The 3 day live intensive applied workshop is where rubber hits the road. It’s all about practical application. 

We give you the blueprint to follow to start applying the knowledge and turning it into income. We give you the templates, processes, sales scripts, presentation materials, software. We also introduce you to the panel of experts and professional service providers who we entrust to service our clients effectively. It’s everything you need to start applying what you’ve learnt. By the time you complete the 3 days, you’ll be able to start attracting and presenting to clients and start making sales. 

After the three days we will continue to mentor you through the process until you achieve your first sale, though our weekly live online training sessions on Wednesdays and Fridays, and ongoing one-on-one guidance and support. The ongoing one-on-one coaching continues until you complete practical certification.  This mentoring can continue on after this program is complete ensure your ongoing success. 

Your first sale will more than cover the cost of your entire tuition with EPA.
  •  Prerequisite is the completion of the 8 core modules online and submission of the competency questionnaires .
  • ​The 3 Day intensive is held on the last Thursday of every month and spans Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
  • ​You may register for ANY of the 3 Day events we hold, flexible to your schedule and if required you are welcome to re-attend this event as a refresher anytime if you feel repeating this part of the course would assist furthering your development.
  • ​This is an APPLIED workshop – we focus on applying the core knowledge learnt in the 8 core modules in a practical way, so by the time you complete the three days, you are both confidant and competent in delivering a presentation to a client.
  • ​Introduction to the systems and business management tools required to be successful .
  • ​ “One on one” meeting to determine your objectives and create a personalised pathway to your success .
1. Upon completing the three-day intensive we then determine a personal implementation strategy designed specifically around your objectives.

2. A SENIOR Advocate is allocated to you personally to MENTOR you through the next 8 weeks, providing invaluable support and feedback to assist you in achieving your first sale.

3. Through the 8 weeks practical certification period we are supporting you in every question that may arise to ensure you build confidence and fine tune your delivery on the way to becoming a professional.
The knowledge, the license and the ability to start earning money as a Real-Estate Salesperson with a specialisation in investment property and new projects, or in fact, simply becoming a higher performing agent in general residential sales. 

You are now ready to start a great and successful career as a Real-Estate Salesperson selling general real estate and new projects and developments. 

At this stage there are numerous options available to you, including working with an established real estate agency, project marketing firm, builder or developer, or in fact joining our team at EPA and continuing your development to become a professional in the industry. 

Our helpful and experienced team are always available to assist and advise you on your best steps for progression. Our Academy goal is to assist you in becoming one of the top 5% income earners in the industry.
We have a range of packages and options available for everyone. Please contact our team to discuss your situation and find out how we can fast track you earning potential. 

Remember, you first sale will more that cover your entire tuition with EPA!
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You can start anytime with immediate access to this online program.
"Our Academy goal is to assist you in becoming 
one of the top 5% income earners in the industry. "
Your options on completion of our EPA Specialist Agent programs:
  • Gain a highly paid job with a Builder, Developer, Real Estate Agency, Project Marketing or Investment Advisory Firm.
  • Add this highly valued service on to what you're doing now, if you're already an Agent, Mortgage Broker or Financial Planner.
  • Establish your own home-base Property Advisory Business working your own hours with flexibility and freedom!
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You can start anytime with immediate access to this online program.